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Under the Radar started off in Ned’s garage about 8 years ago. We started with a good ol’ $100 beer kit from a local homebrew shop and started making beer in the kitchen. We immediately fell in love with the process and quickly added and built more equipment right away.
Although we were brewing nearly every weekend, we realized we seemed to never have any beer on hand. We were making five gallons at a time, but consuming 3-4 during the brew sessions, so we never got ahead. Ned went to work building a 10 gallon electric brew rig which we still use today for our test batches.
Now that we were making 10 gallons at a time, we had some beer to bring to events – tailgates, parties, and weddings. After a wedding about 4 years ago, we were ready to make the next step and started putting together a business plan and raising capital – and the rest is history.Ned Davis – Ned’s sister got him into brewing years ago. She said, “You’re a chemist and a cook, you’ll love making beer”. It took some convincing, but she was right, he loves the creative process of trying out new flavor combinations and the challenge of making the same beer time and again. Ned has spent years selling and supporting scientific instruments to analytical labs in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Mike Norfleet – Mike has been brewing with Ned and Herb since our second batch. Mike is an Engineer and has his own local firm focused on pile testing for large scale construction projects. His expertise in precision and attention to detail has been immeasurably valuable in designing our brewery and keeping the ship upright, so to speak. Not only do we have Mike on the team, we’re lucky to have his lovely wife Kelli onboard as well.

Herb Garcia – Herb moved back to Houston around the same time Ned arrived in town. They signed up for a recreational softball league, got put on the same team and the rest is history. Herb and Ned (along with their friend Todd) brewed the very first batch in Ned’s kitchen years ago.